Robert Jordan, Ph.D. is President and CEO of Jordan & Jordan Communications, Inc.  He is also a Reporter/Anchor with WGN Television in Chicago.

Jordan & Jordan has produced television programs for Tribune Broadcasting, National Geographic Television and The Hallmark Channel.  A full service television production company, J & J has consistently sought to produce quality television programming that is socially significant in nature.



In 2003, Jordan & Jordan began devoting its production expertise, full-time, to the creation of biographies for special families -- those with the desire and ability to commission a detailed chronicle of their lives.

Jordan & Jordan works within a tiny niche of affluent families across the country.  The success of our company has been built, largely, on our strict policy of absolute confidentiality.  We do not advertise and rely entirely on the high regard our patrons have for the life stories we produce. Appreciative clients have been eager to recommend our services to their friends and associates.


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